Account Basics

We've created a series of tabs to help with navigation within your Account.  We'll tackle them in order from top to bottom so nothing slips through the cracks.

Setting Up A Profile

This one has the greatest number of fields to complete, but it shouldn't take too long.

Profile Photo: This photo will be used for your customized storefront as well as on your individual Launch pages. 400px by 400px minimum.

Basic Info: Here's where we store your name, email, company and phone (optional). Your company name will be used as the default welcome name in the header.

Address Book: If you plan to order a product or two during our time together, you'll find it very handy to pre-populate a few frequently used addresses. You'll want to create at least one address for use in the next section, getting paid.

Payment Info: This is the big one to complete, especially if you would like some do re mi sent to you as you earn it. If you have your home or business address already saved, it's a simple "ok" to set your payment address.

We <3 Designers: In a completely awesome, head-over-heels way, too. There's something special about people who bring color to the world, and we'd love to work with you in the future. We're currently hard at work building our own love connection whereby folks who have all the passion, but none of the design skills, can find/contact you for help. This is an awesome way to earn extra money, even if you don't want to sell t-shirts yourself. Simply slide the button to the right to save your opt-in status.

Voila - one tab finished and only a couple more to review.

Next in the list is your Launches tab. This is your one stop to view all of your active, pending and historical Launches. Simply adjust the control at the top to view All, Active (just those that have an active timer running) or Pending, where your in-progress Launches can be found.

Storefront Setup -- this is where you can tell the world exactly what you do. 

Title: This name will show within your Storefront, all over your individual Launch pages and in all of our correspondence with your customers. If you want to build or re-inforce your brand, this is the place to do it.

Mantle: In conjunction with your Profile Image, creating a custom Mantle will set your store apart from everyone else. The native resolution should be at least 1200px x 285px to optimize your customer's viewing pleasure.

Description: This one is all you. Let your flag fly and shout out to the world know a little bit about you or your organization. It's displayed both on your main Storefront page (truncated) as well as in the About section (in full).

Storefront Name: Your short name will be visible all throughout the site and beyond. It will part of the URL on every Launch page and is your landing page. It'll also be your main address on KarmaLaunch, so we recommend spending just a bit of time thinking about it prior to saving. It cannot be updated once set, but you can open up several accounts if you would like to have many Storefronts. http://www.karmalaunch/myawesomestore can be added to email signatures and can be a destination site for your social networking efforts as well. We will also continually optimize the code on your Storefront page in order to take advantage of SEO updates and changes.

Offsite link, you bet! We're not the kind of site that won't let you show off your own blog, portfolio or other site that helps everyone to get to know you better.

Tags: This field will become very important when we roll out the designer matching program and store finder late in 2015. We'll want you to be found easily, so this is where you can load your store up with relevant tags that will assist someone finding their perfect match. 

Social Links: It doesn't make much sense to hobble your ability to share your message on the world's largest social platforms, so we've made it easy. If you spend a bit of time adding in your individual social profiles, we'll pre-populate all necessary data in all of our sharing apps to save lots of time and effort.


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