Estimated Earnings & Partially Fired Launches

Yes! No matter whether you call it money, moolah, skrilla or cheddar, you're here to put some serious coin in your pocket. We do our absolute best to keep you abreast of how much a successfully fired Launch will add to your coffers, but there are several moving parts behind the scenes that can potentially impact that number. 

When a buyer finds your Launch and reserves a shirt, we process enough of their personal information that allows us to retrieve those funds when a successful Launch ends.  As can be the case, real life happens and folks may not maintain sufficient balance or credit limit to successfully pay for the shirt(s) they ordered from you. In the case of a failed capture, we send an email immediately to the buyer asking them to take a look. Then after 24 hours, we'll try once more. If the second attempt fails, that money will not count towards your estimated earnings total. We all hope this is an infrequent occurrence, but folks should be prepared for it.  As a result of these failed captures, the earnings total you set out to achieve at the beginning of your Launch may not align. 

One more variable that will most likely impact the majority of Launchers is a Launch that doesn't meet the complete goal you set, but sells well enough for us to produce your shirts and mail them to customers. These partially fired Launches take into consideration all of the costs associated with manufacturing, then bagging/labeling and shipping t-shirts to your customers. Once you achieve this tipping point in your Launch, your profits really begin to take shape. 

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