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The one method of sharing that may be already very familiar is posting your new Launch on Facebook. Whether you have an active friend's list or are an admin or member of an interest group, you may already have a built-in audience for your project.

The Timeline Post: this is the easiest of all Facebook promotion methods. We've simplified life even more by transferring all of your Launch data to Facebook for you! After your Launch completes, click the Share On Facebook button and click Post. That's it, you've shared with all of your friends and those folks who follow you.


The Event Post: If you've ever sent an invitation via the web, you can easily create a Facebook Event for your cause. 



The Boost: Facebook's Ad Manager is a full-featured administrative interface to the world of advertising your posts on Facebook. There are a few ways to create an ad from your Page. The easiest is to click the "Boost" button at the bottom of your post. From that window, you'll be able to determine your audience, budget and duration. If you've built a significant Fan base, you may choose to advertise to them directly. You can also expand beyond that to Fans and their Friends, or even create a whole new audience by selecting regions by City, State or Country.

Another way to create an ad is from your main Page. Select Create Ads from the small triangle in the top right hand side. Your Objective should be "Boost your posts". Once that has been selected, choose the relevant Page from the drop down list (in case you're managing multiples), then chose the Post you'd like to boost.

From there, you'll be taken to a page where you'll build an audience and budget, but you'll have access to greater controls. There are plenty of Facebook help pages to get you started, but we're happy to lend a hand as well if you get stuck.



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