Hello and welcome!

First and foremost, please accept our most humble 'thank you' for spending some time with us. Some folks know us from previous ventures, and we couldn't be more proud to have you back. To all of our new friends, welcome. Once you get to know us, we sure hope you'll stay.

We built this company based on a few fundamental principles. One, provide as much transparency as possible to our buyers, causes, and design community alike. We know first hand that many companies do not agree, but it seems disingenuous to add layer after layer of unnecessary opacity without providing some explanation. As a team, we promise to provide as much guidance as we can without opening the kimono too much to our competitors.

Building upon the notion of transparency is respect. WE I ALL (the collective) cannot properly express in words how much respect we have for people who use their inherent talents and inner struggles for creating goodness. Whether you're a school teacher looking to raise much needed funds and increase parental participation in your classroom, or you're a cancer survivor looking to help raise awareness so fewer people will suffer in the future, or you're a graphic designer who paints the world in your own unique way (and be paid/valued for it!), we have the utmost respect for you and your unique point of view. That is an immutable fact and drives much of what we do and why we do it.

We've all experienced disrespect; whether in a hurtful Facebook comment or through the careless and avoidable misstep of an employer or partner, and we feel a lot of that is born from a lack of basic respect. Fundamentally, we may not agree (about anything), but if we remain respectful of each other, there's nothing we can't accomplish together.

The last guiding principle, and one that has driven us further and faster than we anticipated, is open and honest communication. Uniquely positioned as the vehicle for transparency and respect, we communicate early, often and effectively... all day and night long. This one aspect of our internal make-up is responsible for more growth, both technically and personally, than any other. We've seen first hand how impactful a lack of dialog can be to a person's morale and how it can devastate an entire community or company if not watered, fertilized and allowed to flourish. Rest assured, we've stocked our small company with folks who will not hesitate to engage. To that point, we feel open and honest communication is a two-way street. We can talk/type until the cows come home, but sooner or later it devolves into a monologue (or worse yet, silence). We have zero issue stating for the recored that we need to hear what you're thinking. We need to keep open lines of communication flourishing at all times; whether through our help system, Forum, inboxes, phones or in-person. There's no shame in our game admitting that we need you (yep, looking at you) in order to continue to evolve into a company that not only sustains itself financially, but one that can be held up as an example of doing things the right way. 

Thanks for making it all the way through this one. In the spirit of full disclosure, we're going to make mistakes. They're simply unavoidable, and to state anything to the contrary would be dishonest. This is our first time running a brand new business together and we learn new things every day. Once again, we need you and your voice/expertise if we're going to achieve what we believe we're capable of doing. 

Warmly and respectfully,
The KarmaLaunch Team

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