What is your return policy?

First and foremost, we hope you love everything you purchase from us. However, in those rare occurrences where lemonade cannot be made from lemons, here are your options.  

We stand behind the quality of workmanship from our Maker, Printer and Decorator community. Should you encounter any of these conditions, we're here to help.

1) The physical product itself is damaged or flawed (hem not stitched properly, snag in the material, etc.)

2) The quality of the printing is sub-standard; streaks, smears, gaps or cracks in the inks, etc.. Our printers should catch each of these, but humans will be human.

3) The final product is fundamentally different than the design presented in the Launch or the wrong garment type was sent. If you ordered a blue hoody with a yellow moon and we send you a pink tank top with a green clover, please let us know.

To start the returns process, please send us an email at We'll follow-up with you asap.

Our physical goods return address is:

ATTN: Returns
3561 Homestead Road, Suite #999
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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