How is our base price determined?

Some folks may be curious about the process used to determine our base prices. Here’s a little overview of the work and materials that go into that calculation.

Blank Garment: The cost of each piece is pre-determined by one of our distributors. The base price is usually set by the color white in sizes S-XL, then all colors and extra large sizes carry more cost. As our volume grows, our cost per piece will fall and we can pass that savings back to our community.

Printing Process: Here’s where the Launcher is the master of their own profit. Simply put, the more colors used in a design, the more expensive each piece is to print. If the artwork used is designed with 4 colors, our Maker partners create a minimum of 4 separate color screens used for printing (5 if printing on a dark shirt). Each individual screen carries its own cost that is reflected in the overall base price of the product. This screen cost is divided evenly among the total number of items in your Launch. The larger the goal, the less impactful each additional color is per piece.

Example: $100 in screen costs divided into 50 products is $2.00 per piece. However, if a Launch includes only 20 pieces, that same cost would be $5.00 per piece, leaving you with $3.00 less per piece in profits. That's more than what you'll make selling a single shirt other places, so it's critical to be aware of the total number of colors in your design.

In addition to the color screens that are created, there is an overall fixed running or imprint charge for the Launch, too. This covers our Maker’s overall labor cost as their press operators unfold each shirt from the shipping box, heat press them, insert each shirt into the printing press, manage the ink application process, remove the shirt from the press, quality check each piece, and finally cure it before packaging. This cost is also spread evenly across the number of items in your Launch, so the larger your total, the less it is per piece.

Fulfillment and Shipping: Once the item has been printed and cured, it’s carefully folded and bagged. An itemized receipt and any other supporting materials are added to a customized, recycled mailer bag and made ready to be shipped worldwide. Individual shirts are mailed using USPS Parcel Select, First Class, Priority Mail or First Class International in order to control operating costs. Large shipments sent to a single address will be couriered by UPS or FedEx.

Our Operating Cost: We believe taxing your work with a fee that grows with your success is just plain criminal. Therefore, we add a small per item charge that doesn't increase if a shirt sells for $8.00, $80.00 or even $800.00. Your expert marketing efforts and loyal customer base are yours and yours alone. It simply doesn't make any karmic sense for us to take more money if your customers are accustomed to paying more for your products. 

This money helps us keep the website running - pay for our own services like this help system, our phones, monitoring, Forum and Blog - and helps us keep our kitchens stocked with Top Ramen, grapes, Earl Grey and kibble for our 5 hungry pups.

Hope this helps explain where our operating and fulfillment costs are determined. Please drop us a line if more detail is needed.

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