How do I let people know I'm here?

First, kudos to you for being such an awesome person!  We know how difficult it can be to turn your passion/talent into something that'll earn money and raise awareness, and we’ll do everything we can do to help.

To start, we’ve created a special blank canvas storefront/billboard for you to brand and decorate as you see fit.  On your page, you can talk about your passions and affiliations, keywords to describe your type of art, and show off your Launches.

Next, and absolutely critical to your success with this type of business is social marketing. We've enabled a lot of automatic sharing on all of the popular social platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. We'll even make sharing a bit easier if you visit your store settings and pre-populate as many social fields as you can.

As you begin to create your own Launches, we've once again made it very easy to share your work with your audience. We've also made it easy for your customers to continue the network effect and easily share your work. 

Over time, we'll pass along quite literally everything we know/learn about how to become an effective social marketer. 

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