What is a Launch?

Think of assembling your Launch as gathering all of the inventory you’ll need to put your rocket into space.  You’ll need a concept, related artwork, a product (your t-shirt), an instruction manual, and all of its flight coordinates.

Concept: Funny, heartwarming, or promoting a good cause? Yes, yes and yes! The concept is up to you, and as long as it conforms to our Terms, is welcome on the site. If you need inspiration, here's a quick search of some very popular shirts on the web right now. Remember that inspiration is awesome, but re-using someone else's hard work is not. We have a strong intellectual property policy and will not hesitate to remove Launches from the site.

Artwork: Yay, the visuals! That phrase, image or design that captures your buyer's attention (and wallet). If you're working on behalf of a cause or charity, they will most likely have pre-existing assets. Please make sure to check that you have the rights to re-use their artwork. If you're blessed to have a design-friendly eye, please take a moment to review our image guidelines in this same help section. We specialize in screen printing, so on KarmaLaunch, vector images are your BFF. 

Product: Big, small, blue, green or white, we carry all of the best 100% cotton t-shirts for you and your customers. Whether you're looking for a unisex t-shirt to fit all of your wee ones, or are clothing an NFL defensive line, we have apparel to fit. 

Instructions: This is where you tell the world what you're all about. If it's a funny phrase, give your buyers some context. If you're supporting a community organization, let everyone know why you're passionate about supporting their efforts. The more context and information you can provide to your buyers, the better.

Flight Plan: This is where you want your rocket to fly in order to find an audience. If you're supporting something local, that's your audience will be most receptive. You can use sites like Next Door or Facebook to find a passionate, local audience who may also want to support your efforts. Same holds true for charities, be it supportive of pets, homeless advocacy, or illness related. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have hundreds of millions of users just waiting to support you.

Once you have all of your various pieces ready, you're all set to create your Launch.

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