What if my Launch fires before it is scheduled to end?

Then you’ve unlocked Level 12 KarmaStar power, congratulations!

On top of earning your new achievement, there's actually a bunch of math happening behind the scenes after each sale.

The nature of screen printing is largely front-stacked with all of the costs. The money it takes to purchase the blank shirt, the money it takes to create each of the screens, the money it takes to print each shirt, then fold and bag everything up in order to be mailed. Depending on the sale price of your shirt, you can cover the costs associated with producing a number of shirts that's smaller than your goal set out to achieve. This threshold is important, especially to you, because this is the point where your earnings really start to take off. 

If you don't sell any more, we'll still add your earnings to your Karma Bank. They'll be less than achieving your full goal, but several pre-fired Launches can add up quickly!

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